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Current financing structures make it very difficult to raise money for re-development purposes; climbing construction costs are creating financial pressures on developers..
governments are seeking alternate sources for major re-construction and expansion projects.
  Real estate is the world’s largest asset class; yet real estate securities   currently account for only a relatively small percentage of listings worldwide.
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 Our Solutions
The Institute has long supported. reforms that provide uniform
Investor Protection
Functional Regulation
Competitive Fairness
Serve Investors
Consumer Product
Regulatory Efforts
  The Institute expects that this law and other legislative and regulatory   efforts will increase competition and innovation within the financial services   marketplace.
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14 march, 2006
  Advancing the interests of investment companies their shareholders, directors, and investment advisers.
14 march, 2006
  A considerable portion of the Institute's work is devoted to representing the fund industry and its shareholders before Congress.
14 march, 2006
  The principle underlying the Institute's representation is unwavering: ensuring that mutual fund regulation.
Investment Plans
The majority of UK workers plan to retired at age of 65.
  popular training program for   financial advisers.
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